Meet Kama Xcitra: Kama Sutra in... 3D


If you want to see up close and personal all the sex positions depicted in Kama Sutra but also like the benefits of modern technology, then Kama Xcitra could be the answer to your... quest. An app that enables couples to study all the poses of the original Kama Sutra in 3D, as a pure case of how technology can transform the ancient Hindu manual’s illustrations into holograms which pop up in front of a smartphone or tablet to give users a complete view of the guide’s sexual diagrams.

The app is free of course and offers a new version of the translated text, which was originally written in Sanskrit almost 2,000 years ago, and after a first short peek at the UI, we can see that each image can be seen from all angles meaning users are offered an un-obstructed, complete view.


The app works in conjunction with 69 poses and allows users to customise the appearance of models, changing hair and skin colour as well as adding music as a soundtrack. You can find Kama Xcitra in Amazon, in case you think it could spice up your love life. Why not?

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