HTC One availability seems to be improving. Is this enough to make a difference?


It looks like that things seem to be changing for HTC and its 2013 flagship HTC One, in terms of availability and orders. Reports that emerged from various sources last week insist that AT&T stores in the US have begun selling the HTC One in large numbers and that HTC has already placed short-term orders to component manufacturers for the production of an additional several million One units. In addition, investment house JP Morgan has raised HTC's rating recently to "Neutral", based on the expected improvement in HTC One availability over the next weeks.

Moreover the Taiwanese company is reported by Focus Taiwan to have worked with suppliers in order to ensure smooth productions of the new flagship:

HTC has helped its supply chain in terms of new vendor qualification, technology transfer and volume increase over the past few weeks, so the HTC One shipments are estimated to rise from 300,000 units in March to 1.2 million units in April and over 2 million units in May.

At last some good news for HTC, a company that tries hard to return to its former glory and overcome the problems it faces the past few years.

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