YouTube introduces "tape mode" to celebrate 57 years of cassette recording


We're pretty sure you like these days that YouTube offers full HD content and everyone can enjoy it with their powerful computers. But what about an age not so long ago (about 57 years or so), when video cassettes (VHS) were invented? Do you remember watching VHS movies and their quality?

It seems that YouTube wanted to celebrate the 57th anniversary of cassette-based video recording and added a "tape mode" in (almost) every video in its database  Now old and young can have a look at how full HD videos would look like 57 years ago, when the first VHS cassette was released. People may have forgotten about it, but still VHS video has played an important role in the whole evolution of audio and visual entertainment  I bet this is a nice chance to find out why.

Visit Youtube, check it you and tell us what you think.

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