Google's Eric Schmidt praises Motorola's new X Phone


It looks like as if Eric Schmidt made our day a bit brighter, after mentioning that he has seen (!) Motorola’s upcoming devices, and according to him, they are “phenomenal”. His statement was made at All Things D: Dive into Mobile, where he added that all of Motorola's upcoming devices (more than one) are "phone plus" devices, while further teasing us on the rumored Motorola X smartphone. 

Still we have to remember that all these are just his personal (and semi-biased) opinions. Google seems to have a pretty heavy hand in Motorola’s mobile sector and having acquired their own phone manufacturer (Motorola Mobility) can only drive their innovations further.

Don't know about you though, but I really believe what Schmidt has to say and I wait patiently to be blown away by Moto's return!

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