Don't keep your hopes up for Samsung's flexible displays just yet


According to a report from the Korean newspaper ETNews, Samsung is having issues with the quality of its flexible displays. The whole manufacturing process seems to halt before a problem that is caused by the encapsulation process that basically protects these sensitive OLED displays, from exposure to moisture and oxygenation. All these has made Samsung review other encapsulation technologies, to replace the one recently used by the company.

This seems like bad news for the rest of us, since Samsung was the only company expected to bring  flexible display smartphones to the market, possibly sometime around the end of the year, but this now looks to be in serious doubt. In case you don't remember, LG is the only company we have left to work on such a technology, with the blessings of the Korean government, and some devices are expected to make their first appearance by the end of the year. 



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