Here's the new revamped Android app from Microsoft


If you're Android users and use as your main email client, then you probably understand why we post this. It looks like that Microsoft just released a semi-redesigned version of its Android app, that overhauls the entire UI, thus providing several new features.

The most important of these are perhaps the ability to use conversation threading in email, the ability to add filters for unread and flagged mail, as well as the ability to mark messages as junk.

According to Microsoft blogger Steve Kafka:

"the overall response to has been very positive. However, our Android app has been behind and so we’re excited to take this large step forward. Starting today, you can get the same great look and feel you’ve come to love on Windows 8 and the web on your Android device”

If gou use and you won an Android smartphone, then don't wait anymore, grab the app directly from  Google Play.


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