Oblivion: futuristic "mission impossible" trailer


In case you didn't know, today is the launch day of Oblivion in the European cinemas, the post apocalyptic movie, with Tom Cruise starring as an isolated man, the last inhabitant of an almost dead Earth, whose task is to fix every drone in the area he lives.

Oblivion is considered to be a movie-tribute to all those movie concepts shot during the 70's, and apart from being a true action film, the movie depicts beautifully a futuristic environment and an eerie atmosphere. The script is based on the graphic novel Oblivion, written by Joseph Kosinksi (Tron: Legacy) and Arvid Nelson for Radical Comics.

Watch the trailer and see how Tom Cruise manages to balance between the loneliness of a barren earthscape and the appearance of a mystery woman (Olga Kurylenko), that alters his perception of the world and his everyday life.

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