Is this the rear of the alleged budget iPhone?


Well who could have seen this coming? It looks like that case manufacturer Tactus just shared a photo of the alleged budget iPhone, showing the phone's rear. In line with certain previous rumors, the rear part of the device looks as if its made from plastic, and its general design is similar to the one iPod classic has, with a flat back and curved edges.

The rumors from Tactus also mention that the device will feature an A5 processor, a 5.0 Megapixel camera and that it will be available in 5 colors (black, white, red, blue, yello). The device will sport a 3.5 inch retina display (not a 4 inch one) and it's thickness will be almost 0,4-0.6 mm thicker than today's iPhone 5. Tactus mentioned also that according to their sources, this budget iPhone will launch on October 15 and it will be priced around 300$.

No one can truly verify whether this is indeed a legitimate rear shell for Apple's lower-cost iPhone. It could simply be manufactured based on circulating rumors, but even if fake it could be an accurate representation if it is based on design specs leaking through case makers. In any case we can only wait for a possible official announcement in a couple of months of course.


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