Twitter launches Twitter #music service (and iOS app)


Say hello to Twitter's new standalone music service that was just announced yesterday for desktop computers and - more importantly- iPhone! Twitter unveiled the new service on Good Morning America as well as in a blog post.

The name of the new music service is called "Twitter #music" and the iOS app uses Twitter activity, including Tweets all over the world in order to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists.


The app is free of course and the service will also be a home for music-related information, so you can find and follow musicians and learn more about them and their everyday life. As you can see from the first official photos of the service and application, there's a checkerboard "Now Playing" interface that shows music people you follow are tweeting about as well as songs that the artists are tweeting themselves. Each little square includes an album cover image with a Twitter profile pic and Twitter name on top of it.


The new music service can also suggest to you new music trends and enables you to search for songs from your favorite artists. Just search, find what you like and play it right from the new interface. In addition, the hashtag shows that the whole music service encourages users to share everything they like: for example you can tweet what you're listening right from the player screen. All the millions of songs available come from Spotify, iTunes and Rdio combined, but if you want to listen the full length of a song you must have an Rdio or Spotify subscription.


So don't get carried away, since Twitter #music is a music discovery service, not a free music streaming service.

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