LG trolls when you... pee, with its awesome IPS panels!


It looks like LG UK officials are in great mood since they continue their trolling missions, in order to promote their -just awesome- IPS LCD displays. In case you don't remember, this isn't the first time LG makes a prank to its followers. A couple of months ago they had installed a bunch of IPS LCD displays on the floor of an elevator and they would turn them on whenever a bypasser used to enter the elevator, making the floor vanish into thin air!

It looks like now LG has another idea to... troll its customers (in a good way of course). That's why they installed three 21:9 IPS LED panels in a men's room and hired 2-3 super models to appear and make them loose their concentration/. Trust me, the result is hilarious and shows how life-like the color depiction of these displays truly is. 

Just watch the video and see why almost 26% of the men in it, couldn't concentrate... in doing their bodily functions...

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