Harrison Ford loses his temper and yells at Chewbacca


It looks like a serious thing, but don't get carried away, it's not. Harrison Ford was invited at Jimmy Kimmel Live last week in order to promote its latest movie "42", that talks about the biography of baseball legendary star Jackie Robinson. 

But when you have a huge star like Ford on the set, things WILL head over to the one thing that is important at this time: the new Star Wars movie -Episode VII- (by J.J. Abrams of course), with fans asking him all you can imagine, about it. Harrison Ford has been really firm on the matter, insisting that he doesn't want to comment anything related to the new Star Wars movie, even though he has already signed the contract and will take -once again- the part of Han Solo!

Here's what happens though, when things get carried away and a friend from the past returns and talks with Solo, on the set.


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