Is Windows 8.1 going to bring back the Start Button?


It looks like Microsoft is changing its mind on the matter and is preparing to revive the all original "Start button" that just died when Windows 8 was first introduced. According to a post by CNET, Windows 8.1 will include the Start Button most of us loved, but wait, there's a catch. The button will act as a method to access the all new Windows 8 start screen and NOT the traditional start menu, since Microsoft isn't going to alter this design.

This follows Microsoft's plan to offer a boot to desktop option that will be available with the launch of Windows 8.1, an option to allow users to boot directly to the traditional desktop environment in future builds of the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade.

The decision to alter the traditional Start Menu has had controversial results for Microsoft. Look for example the 1.5 million downloads of Pokki, a Start Menu replacement, and other similar tools which suggest that Windows 8 users still want the Start button and Start Menu! In any case, we may see the Start button return in the upcoming Windows 8.1 Public Preview, if not expect to see it in the final version due later this year.

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