Apple donates $8 million to earthquake victims in China

The Apple Inc. logo is seen in the lobby of New York City's flagship Apple store

As you probably have heard, Sichuan province in China was rocked by a devastating earthquake this weekend, that leveled much of the area. The quake, which the country’s earthquake administration rated a 7.0 (US Geo Survey says 6.6), destroyed countless houses and buildings.

According to official statements, Apple responded to this tragic situation and began facilitating donations for relief efforts in the area, and promised to deliver new equipment for schools in the affected areas. Until now Apple has committed to offer $8 million to the victims an amount of money that is surely huge at this time of need for the Chinese province.

Donations during major disasters are short of common for Apple. Don't forget that the company donated almost $2.5 million to  the American Red Cross organization for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The super storm tore through the northeastern part of the US last fall. The situation, however, is more interesting in China, as the company has quite the relationship with the country. In addition to it being a huge market for smartphones and tablets, many Apple products are made in Foxconn’s Chinese manufacturing plants.

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