Skype coming soon to Blackberry 10 devices


It looks like that Skype will be coming soon on a Blackberry 10 device near you in a couple of weeks, at least according to Blackberry officials.

The announcement comes a day after BlackBerry said its new Q10 smartphone will be available in Canada on May 1, and in the United States before the end of May. In case you forgot, the Q10, comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard, is the second device to be powered by the company's new BB10 operating system, after the Blackberry Z10 model.

According to the same announcement, Skype will be available for the Q10 device on its launch day, while users of the existing Z10 touchscreen device will have to wait a few weeks more to get Skype, after a necessary software upgrade on the operating system. Unfortunately though, Skype isn't the only app with late support by Blackberry, since certain big-name apps like Netflix and Instagram are still absent from the company's app store.


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