New concept video shows how should iOS 7.0 be

A couple of days ago, Brazilian web designer Rafael Justino published a trailer for the concept design he believes iOS 7 could adopt at the hands of Sir Jonathan Ive. Check out his entire concept video below…

Changes included a less realistic-looking compass app that features a glossy design that can alternate between black and white. In addition the clock app could get a full-screen mode with landscape or portrait support, a digital clock feature, and multiple timers. As you can see from the concept, the Calculator and Contacts apps would see a complete redesign, removing all traces of realism. Swipe functions under contact names would allow for additional controls, like calling, texting, or deleting instead of having to tap a name to access editing and controls.


Finally the Notification Center has undergone a lot of alterations, with a wide variety of features that can be accessed from the drop down menu, including weather, time, music playback controls, and a view of your favorite contacts!

So? What do you think of this concept video? Would you like it if it was the real thing?


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