Interested in having a coffee with Tim Cook perhaps? Then read this!


Do you have a "deep" pocket, like coffee and of course Apple's Tim Cook? Then you can get the chance to have a coffee with him (don't know who's gonna buy it yet), and learn how he drinks it, if he likes it black or with cream perhaps! According to TechCrunch the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, with the help of charity marketing firm CharityBuzz, has just launched an auction that will give you the chance to sit down with Apple’s CEO for a cup of joe and the chance to pitch him your ideas for the next big thing!

The bidding is really high of course so you'd better be ready to go deep if you really fancy a cup of coffee with Tim. The auction has already reached $605.000 (!) so far and is going to run until Tuesday, May 14, with all earnings going to the RFK Center for Justice and Human rights. Just in case you happen to win the auction, you'll have coffee at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino with Cook, and talk about current tech evolution or anything else you may want to!

Hmm, really now, if you did have an hour to spend with Apple’s CEO, what would you say to him?

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