Back to 90s. Watch a woman teaching us how to use computers


Well "Everything is Terrible" must have all the credits for this news post. It comes from a VHS tape in the 1990's and it shows the training TV series "Komputer Tutor". This is the first episode of the series, called Komputer Kindergarden. Kim Komando was producer and presenter with the not so easy task (during that period) to teach TV viewers how to use computer basics, DOS 6.0, Microsoft Word etc.

The video looks hilarious to most of us now, almost 23 years later, but still it manages to transport us to that age where sentences like:

“That’s how simple DOS is. It’s like house cleaning”

“This is called pointing. There’s also click”

“We’re going to use the clock program now”

“It’s not tough to use a computer. And nothing even blew up!”

... actually had a meaning. Watch the video and you'll understand.


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