OMG, this is Hublot’s new LaFerrari Watch


How would you feel showing up on a multi million social event driving a Ferrari, but... with no matching watch on your hand? That's how the designers of Hublot must have thought, and unveiled last week the  MP-05 "LaFerrari' watch that's a mechanical masterpiece, suitable for a car like the new LaFerrari supercar!

Like any luxury watch worth its weight in sapphire crystal, the MP-05 features a complex display mechanism requiring a PhD in horology to read the time. But its bigger claim to fame is a 50-day power reserve which is a record for a hand-wound Tourbillon. Only 50 of the MP-05s are being produced, making the watches even more rare than the LaFerrari supercar, and presumably similarly obscenely expensive.

Watch the video that follows and try not to cry...


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