2.6 billion ARM-based chips shipped in Q1 2013


It looks like that ARM's financial figures for the first quarter of this year look just remarkable, since the company managed to ship a massive number of 2.76 billion chips in this first quarter, that are based on the ARM big.LITTLE technology. This means that ARM had a 35% year on year increase in the number of ARM based chips on the market, which also means that its stockholders will gain almost $269.9 million worth of revenue so far in 2013, earning the company a pre-tax profit of $89.4 million.

ARM's business is surely really smart, since it can license out its technology to other manufactures, like Qualcomm, who then put the designs into new chips and offer them to handset manufacturers. This model is clearly working out too, as in the first quarter alone ARM has signed up another 22 processor licences for all manner of applications, from TV’s to smartphones. Half of these licenses were for Cortex-A series processors, like the new Cortex A15 found in the new Tegra 4 and Exynos 5 chips, and seven of them were for ARM’s latest Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 processors.

Until today, ARM has signed 133 Cortex-A and 75 Mali graphics processor licenses to other manufacturers. Additionally, there are now 17 big.LITTLE licenses signed as well, so expect to see a range of powerful yet efficient ARM-based processors heading our way over the next year.



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