Report: Samsung Galaxy S4 demand is "off the charts"


According to an official statement made to the Korea Times, by Samsung's executives and analysts, it looks as if the largest smartphone maker in the world will have no trouble meeting its goal of selling 100 million Galaxy S4 units.

The same statements insisted that the Korean giant is receiving “explosive orders” for the Galaxy S4 all over the world and that the sales target is “highly achievable”, thanks mainly to the competitive pricing that Samsung is able to leverage, without sacrificing hardware specifications.

Apart from these news, the same executives stated that the Galaxy S3 has sold 50 million units since it became available in May 2012, with the last update on its sales (sometime around January) to say that it had reached its 40 million devices milestone. This only means that Samsung managed to sell almost 10 million Galaxy S3 devices in about three months!


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