HTC seems to be pleased with latest Galaxy S4 reviews?

Well... in case you haven't heard, there's a couple of dozen new Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews popping out on the net these days and believe me, they couldn't make HTC feel any happier.

And this isn't what I think, it's what HTC's President states, talking to Business Insider. Mike Woodward (HTC North America President) said that:


"It's really been a great week for us. We look at [the Galaxy S4 reviews] through the lens of the HTC One, and it stands up positively. The design seems to be attracting the most attention and we're really proud of that.”

“Speaking about the sales of the HTC One, Woodward commented they are seeing “brisk sales so far” without going into any details.

Truth is that the Galaxy S4 has been a winner in most of the reviews around the internet, mainly because of its tech features and NOT because of his design and built quality, which is an area where the HTC One excels. But I ask myself: will the build quality be enough to swing customers in HTC's favor? The company has already had several set backs in terms of supply issues and a legal skirmish with Nokia in Netherlands.

Let's see what happens...

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