LG working on a new Nexus smartphone?


Google’s CEO Larry Page visited South Korea last week, in a move that highlights the growing importance of the Asian nation as a hub of the global tech industry. During his trip, Page met with the country’s president, but also with the leaders of two largest technology conglomerates that hail from Korea, Samsung and LG.

Samsung’s Vice Chairman and heir apparent, Lee Jay-yong, said Google was interested in Samsung’s blossoming OLED manufacturing business. However, without more details, it’s very hard to infer what this collaboration could mean for the consumer.

But it seems that Google is also in talks with the smaller, less ostentatious Korean tech manufacturer, LG Group. And, in LG’s case, we have a better idea of what the collaboration with Google would entail.

LG is reportedly working on a new Nexus smartphone, after the Nexus 4, released in November 2012, proved a hit. Moreover, LG is pushing hard to expand the Google partnership to other products, such as a Google-integrated OLED TV and even a collaboration on a Glass-like device. The information comes from a Korea Times report that quotes unnamed “sources” close to the discussions.

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