New Samsung Galaxy S4 ads appear, look awesome


It looks like Samsung is back with a couple of shorter commercials, that all part of a graduation party theme. These two new ads are known as “Graduation Pool Party,” and focus on only one Galaxy S4 feature each, without taking any clear hits at Apple.

The first is called "Easy Mode and it's a short 15-second clip that shows the Easy Mode feature of the Galaxy S4 that allows inexperienced Android users enjoy the handset without having to learn everything such a smartphone has to offer. The ad clearly shows one man’s intention of “switching” to the Galaxy S4, although a link to Apple is not clearly made, but rather left to the viewer to make.

The second video, which is a longer 30-second clip, is titled “Grad Photo” and shows the Eraser Shot feature of Samsung Galaxy S4, that lets users eliminate unwanted objects or people from their pictures in order to capture that perfect shot!

Do you like these two new videos?

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