Bill Gates: iPad users should get a Surface instead


When this comes from a genius like Bill Gates then... maybe some of us might have to wonder what are these people thiniking over there, on the other side of the Atlantic. It looks like Bill Gates stated recently that iPad users are frustrated and.. oh my… they’re .. mad and … can't cope with the thing (iPad) any more! In addition he mentioned that... only Microsoft's Surface / Surface Pro is our only solution. Go buy one of those instead…

In an appearance on CNBC, the Microsoft chairman says that iPad users are suffering and need the things that the Surface can bring. The interview is below, or you can read more at CNET. Among other things he also stated that Windows 8 is better because:

It takes the benefits of a tablet and the benefits of a PC and it’s able to support both of those. … A lot of those (iPad) users are frustrated because they can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office there.

Watch the video and you'll understand. So what do you think?


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