World of Warcraft has lost almost 1.3 million subscribers

I guess we all know that World of Warcraft is the world's No1 subscription based MMORPG game for the past years. Nevertheless even this awesome gaming title is affected by austerity measures all over Europe.


That's why Blizzard announced that the game has lost almost 1.3 million players the past 3 months, reaching now only 8 million onliners. This is the reason why the company plans to release more often new quests and levels for the gamers in order to keep their interest high.

Well what do you think guys, isn't it time we returned to good old free-to-play games? Don't you think that subscription based games are nearly dead this time of year?

In any case, World of Warcraft will always be one of the largest game franchises ever available in the gaming industry. Don't forget after all that by 2010, Blizzard had almost 12 million active subscribers online!


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