Amazon developing smartphone with 3D display


According to a Wall Street Journal report, Amazon is building a smartphone with a 3D display! This 3D display smartphone, according to the Journal's sources, will feature eye-tracking technology similar to that of Samsung's Galaxy S4, displaying imagery that will "float" above the screen like a hologram. Users will be able to navigate through the phone with their eyes!

Along with the news of a smartphone with a 3D display, Amazon is also set to expand its range of gadgets with an audio streaming device, and not one but two smartphones. One of them will feature the 3D technology while the other will be a low-end budget device, ideal for emerging markets and new smartphone users.

Amazon has not confirmed the WSJ report yet, but still they seem really interesting and all of us would like to see these creations from the company of Jeff Bezos in the smartphone market soon!

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