Google+: Hangouts on Air gets 4 major improvements

It looks like Google+ relies a lot on Hangouts on Air feature, since it's the only service not available in all other social networks. That's why this service gets a most welcomed -and important- update.


Until now, if a user could get in time into a Hangout on Air event, he had to wait until its completion to watch it. This isn't the case any more, since now all users can watch any Hangout on Air event even if its running.  In addition, all Hangout on Air events after they're finished can be accessible instantly after their completion!

This new update improves also the video quality of Google Hangouts in mobile devices, with significant improvement I might say! Finally when you enter a Hangout on Air event, you don't have to refresh its page continuously  it will commence when ready, with no user intervention!


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