Commander Chris Hadfield signs off from space with epic cover of Space Oddity

The first song recording in space is already a fact! Chris Hadfield recorded a remake of David Bowie's Space Oddity in the International Space Station (ISS), just a couple of hours prior to his return to Earth, after 5 whole months in space!


Commander Hadfield is the astronaut that made space expeditions more... socially connected and people all over the world just worship him. During his 5 month stay in the ISS he tweeted about everything to his 700.000 followers, he uploaded Youtube videos and posted marvellous space photos. He leaves the ISS today, to get some rest on Earth. We will surely miss him, that's for sure.

We hope his replacement continues to inform us with photos, videos and tweets just as he did, when they stay in the ISS, the place with the most breathtaking view of the world! 

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