Head of Android development shares his thoughts about the future of the platform

Just a few months after taking his place as head of Android development and only a couple of days before this year's Google I/O, Sundar Pichai gave a full disclosure interview at Wired and shares his thoughts about almost... everything.



Some key points of his interview concerned the relationship between Google and Samsung, and the tension (according to rumors) that exists between these two companies. Pichai refused to comment anything on the matter, he just showed his brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone to the reporter and quoted Eric Schmidt who said "we welcome all innovators".

When asked about this year's Google I/O, Pichai mentioned that there will be less consumer products this year and more news/info for developers! Pichai also replied to the question "what will be the future of Android". He said that it is great privilege to handle such a large scale open-source platform, and Google's efforts will focus on improving the usability of the OS, thus offering an overall better Android experience to users.

Will Google solve the problems with software updates that are almost always late, and the several different versions of the OS that exist so far? Yes they will try he replied and when asked if Chrome and Android will be unified, he said that they will co-exist.

If you're dying to learn what he mentioned, you can read the full interview here.

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