Google announces Hangouts: a unified messaging system for Android, iOS, Chrome

It looks as if cross-platform communications is treated with the clarity and importance it deserves from Google, after the announcement of its new unified messaging service called Hangouts.



OK I know it's a little bit confusing since there's also Google Hangouts, the online meetings/chats we have through Google+ all the time, but these are also part of... Hangouts! Think of it as a massive application that unifies your Google communication with every available way: Google Talk, Google+ Messaging, Google Hangouts!

This new app will be available for Android, iOS and Chrome OS for the time being. Instead of the usual contact list, the user will have an easy view of his/her latest conversations (like the Message app in your smartphone), and each conversation will have its own title in case you wish to "favorite" it. In addition you will be able to make video calls with up to 10 friends simultaneously!  There's also contact sync that will happen instantly over all your available devices, and if you watch a notification in one device, it will be erased automatically from all the others!

Oh and something new for all of you Android fans out there. Hangouts now supports photo and emoji sharing! You can search for the app in Google Play. According to Google Plus Project it is already available worldwide.

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