Install iMIUI theme for iOS and... enjoy a massive makeover on your iPhone


First things first, what is iMIUI? Well in case you didn't know, MIUI is an Android ROM, built by the folks over at Xiaomi Tech. And iMIUI is a large-scale iOS port of that ROM, wrapped up in the form of a WinterBoard theme, that you can install on your jailbroken iPhone (if you want to, of course).


This new theme has icons for every stock app, and several third party ones. And it replaces a number of UI elements like the Lock screen, the Status bar, the dialer, etc. It’s extremely extensive, as you can see from the screenshots in this post. The icons, which are the most important part of a theme, look excellent. They’re crisp and very well designed. And the same goes for the various UI tweaks.


It's really easy to install this theme to your jailbroken iPhone: Just add to your Cydia sources by tapping Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. It’s iOS 6 and iPhone 5-friendly, but at the moment there’s no iPad version available.

So, what do you think of it?

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