Here's how Google Glass looked like at first

Well if you think that Google Glasses look a bit weird, you'd better have a look at this photo of how they looked... originally.


The cute girl wearing them is Isabelle Olsson, Senior Industrial Designer at Google. She showed the first raw form of the Glasses during this year's Google I/O on Thursday.

“We took a reductionist approach. We removed everything that wasn’t absolutely essential,” says Olsson. That meant taking a lot away from that original clunky prototype.

“We are obsessed with weight. If it's not light, you’re not going to want to wear it for more than 10 minutes.”


Olsson mentioned that most of the electronic parts of the device are placed on the back of the ear, sop they don't draw any attention. She also mentioned that: “We made Glass modular. What this means you can remove the frame from the main board." The colored portion of Glass can be unscrewed from the frame, and then placed on another frame.

The prescription frames are only the beginning of the possibilities, she said: “We’re excited about Glass as a hardware platform and a software platform as well.”

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