Yahoo has something special to share...

Next Monday Yahoo and Marissa Mayer have invited members of the press in a press conference. This alone is news, since Yahoo rarely invites people to press conferences... after all it's been years since their last one.


According to rumors Yahoo prepares to acquire Tumblr for the price of 1$ billion, but still no one can say that this is the reason this press conference will be taking place next Monday. After all Yahoo is the last of the elders in the Internet and needs some publicity in order to put the gears to work and attract some attention on its brand name. Is this eventually what Marissa Mayer will be announcing on Monday?

According to Bloomberg, probably not. Mayer - who's the only keynote speaker- Yahoo plans to announce several changes in the Flickr image upload service it has acquired for the past couple of years. Publicity is something Yahoo needs desperately these days so the ex Google wonder girl (Marissa Mayer) will have to do some magic, in order to achieve this. What will happen eventually, we will find out on Monday.


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