The first video call on mountain Everest is now reality


Yes you've read correctly. The first video call from the top of mount Everest is now a fact! Daniel Hughes, British explorer and mountaineer is responsible for this using his HTC One (!), in his effort to raise money for Comic Relief.

The first video call from the top of the world was made using the satellite network of Inmarsat used by all mountaineers who try to climb the biggest and tallest mountain of the world, and the front facing camera of an HTC One was used to do it!

The British explorer raised unfortunately a mere 50.000 euros during his task, but he has set as a goal to raise 1 million pounds for Comic Relief, and organisation that gathers each year the best comedians in Britain and visit people in need, trying to sheer them up.

Have a look at the video that follows the view from the top of the world... it's just awesome!

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