Jolla announces Other Half, its Sailfish OS smartphone

Jolla announced today the price of the... "Other Half" the first Sailfish OS smartphone, that will be worldwide available by the end of 2013 at a price of 399 €! 


Start taking notes: it features a 4.5 inch display, an 8.0 MPixel camera along with LTE support and a dual -core processor. It offers 16GB of storage along with a microSD slot. The new Sailfish OS will offer compatibility with some Android apps but there's no info so far, on where will the users be able to download apps from. Still the new smartphone will support the use of special gestures.

The most important part of... the device is Other Half, its cover that will be available in several colors to match the rest of the device. Let's see if this new device will have the success its ex-Nokia developers wish for. After all 2013 is the year of newcomers in the OS industry with Tizen, Firefox OS, Ubuntu and Sailfish OS being ready to launch their perspective devices in the market. Let's see what will come out from these efforts.

As far as it concerns this Sailfish OS device, if you're interested you can pre-order it from Jolla's website. 

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