Microsoft unveils XBOX One: all in one device!

After months and countless hours of waiting and endless rumors, at last Microsoft unveiled is gaming holy grail solving all our questions. Forget about Durango, XBOX720 and other false rumors. No one had it! Microsoft's next gen gaming console is called XBOX One and soon you'll understand why!



The announcement of the device came up at the same day of its unveiling, not like some other companies (sic) who still haven't showed us what their gaming console looks like. The XBOX One console, gamepad and Kinect sensor are all updated in design and features. Some think of it as oldie... some others as state of the art as far as it concerns its design. However the whole event was about its peripheral features that enable the new XBOX One to become an all-in-one multimedia device inside your living room, suitable for movies, music, TV series, web browsing and of course, games!

The new XBOX comes with some state-of-the-art hardware similar to the one PS4 has. It is equipped with an 8 core CPU, 8GB of system memory, a 500GB HDD, a Blu-Ray drive, 802,11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct support, HDMI In/Out and USB 3.0 compatibility obviously. It also supports voice commands, as we saw in awe when Yusuf Mehdi remote controlled the device with his voice!


As far as the OS of the console is concerned, things became soooooo interesting when it was announced it packed not one OS, but three OS's combined! The first is the one used for games, The second is Windows 8 for use as a movie/tv series, web browsing multimedia system and there's a third one that connects the two aforementioned operating systems. Microsoft also replied to the 1 million dollar question, about its always connected limitations. Well there are no such limitations. You can use it when it's online for cloud storage, video/music streaming, web browsing or offline to play your games on your own. Be careful though, since according to TheVerge at least- the XBOX One will NOT be backwards compatible with previous gaming titles!

Enough about the console already! Let's talk about Steven Spielberg and him directing the TV series Halo that will be available in the US cable (subscription based) TV! During this year's XBOX event, we had a lot of game announcements and presentations as well. Microsoft announced that almost 15 game titles will be available for the console at the date of its launch. Among them we saw trailers and footage from Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break, EA Sport's EA Ignite, FIFA, Madden, UFC and the return of NBA Live after three years of absence!


Activision was also there, to announce the Call of Duty: Ghosts which will be available only for XBOX One, developed by Infinity Ward as a totally redesigned game!

Well that's all folks! Microsoft plans on gaining its place in our living rooms creating a new device that eludes the basic characteristics of a gaming console and turns into a complete multimedia device. What do you think about it?

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