"Turbo" the snail goes to Indycar!

Here's the story of a snail who dreams of becoming the fastest racing machine in the world, the latest concept from Dreamworks for all of us who love this kind of movies. Turbo is fixated with the  times champion of the Indianapolis 500, Guy Gagné and he's so obsessed with speed that every time he tries to raise its.. "tempo" makes his older brother feel embarrassed.

Turbo's wishes come tru however, on the day of a tragic accident, where the little snail manages to become super fast with the help of technology, and from an underdog he gets to race against IndyCar's best drivers! It's a David Soren movie, that's scheduled to hit cinemas b by the 17th of July in the US in 3D and 2D, along with Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Ken Jeong, Maya Rudolph and Samuel L. Jackson kindly lending their voices to the characters of the movie!

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