What's going on with XBOX One's always connected feature?

It's the question every XBOX fan has in its mind but still, there's no official response on the matter. We're talking of course about the always connected "feature" of the new gaming console by Microsoft that has caused some havoc among gamers of all kinds.

Kotaku asked Phil Harrison on the matter:


Kotaku: If I play a single player game, I will have to be connected at least for one hour or so? Can I play single player games for... weeks perhaps?

Harrison: I think the limit is 24 hours.

Kotaku: So I will have to be online at least once a day?

Harrison: That's correct!

But right after this statement, Microsoft responded to Polygon that what he said were just possible scenarios and no one has confirmed anything yet. So, what's going on with this thing Microsoft? When are you going to decide?

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