Jennifer Aniston as a stripper heats up things in "We're the Millers"

Who could ever say no to a striptease by Jennifer Aniston guys? No one I guess, especially director Rawson Marshall Thurber of the most awaited film, "We're the Millers", that's scheduled to hit cinemas on the 9th of August in the US.

According to the scrip, Jason Sudeikis plays the role of a small time drug dealer who gets into trouble when a deal goes the wrong way and is exposed to his boss Ed Helms. To pay his debt he will have to go to Mexico as a drug pusher along with his neighbors: the cynical stripper Jennifer Aniston, a teenager with tattoos (Emma Roberts) and a young geek (Will Poulter).

Things are going to get really messy and -at some times hilarious- as you can see from the video trailer that follows.

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