Foxconn joins the Firefox OS alliance

It looks like Mozilla and Foxconn are going to host a joint press event on Monday, 3 June in Taipei, where they will announce that Foxconn will join the Firefox OS alliance. According to Engadget, during the event a new Firefox OS device will be unveiled with no relevant specs on it so far.


The manufacturing giant that assembles electronic devices for almost every available company out there (from Apple to Sony), has decided to go to another level, beyond the one at the assembly lines. Rumors insist that Foxconn is ready to unveil its own line of products moving past all other manufacturers and improving -at the same time- its publicity.

According to The Verge however, Foxconn is joining the Firefox OS alliance, because of the loss in profits due to the reduced production numbers from Apple. WSJ insists that Foxconn is so closely interconnected with the production of iDevices - having increased its production lines to enormous degree- that its officials fear what might happen if Apple lost its hype in the market, and sells declined. Not a bad way to think things, don't you say?


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