Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

After Epic, Turbo and After the Croods, 20th Century Fox is ready to launch a 4rth animation movie in 2013, called Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie 3D. Barry Cook (Mulan) is the director and along with Nigel Nightengale are preparing a movie that is sure to depict how dinosaurs were when they ruled the Earth.


The film is based on the excellent BBC mini series "Walking with Dinosaurs" one of the best (and most expensive) documentaries ever to hit the TV in 1999, with Kenneth Branagh. 14 years later, BBC works again with 20th Century Fox but there are rumors insisting that there have been some problems with low quality CGI's (so many years after Jurassic Park, no movie has managed to offer better quality graphics - so far) and the use of an irritating narrator during the whole duration of the movie. When we're in the world of dinosaurs no one cares about human voices after all.

In any case, just wait until the 20th of December until we see the movie in cinemas.

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