This is how the tallest building on Earth will look like in a couple of months

Well here it is! It's called SkyCity and according to the manufacturing company Broad Sustainable Building which is going to build 5 floors a day, it's going to be the world's tallest skyscraper with a height of 838m! 


ScyCity will be built in the city Changsha, China in the months to come. The company was planning to start working on it last January, but works stalled due to unforeseen weather conditions. Now everything is set and the company will start building it in the days to come, having set as a goal, to complete all the outer frame of the building in exactly 90 days! The interior decorating however will be complete by January 2014. 


If you consider that ScyCity will have 104 elevators and it will be housing stores, offices etc. and remember also that the current tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) in Dubai took 5 years to build, then we're talking about something really awesome!


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