New Samsung design in the works, codenamed “Design 3.0″


Today, a very important meeting about Samsung’s new design strategy, codenamed “Design 3.0″, held at Samsung HQ in Seoul, Korea. The meeting consisted of high-level executives, including top managers Yoon Boo-keun and Shin Jong-kyun, reports The Korean Herald. The meeting was held mainly to discuss Samsung’s new design strategy for future products and in this meeting the Samsung Design 3.0 was announced. But what is Samsung Design?

Firstly, let’s talk about this code name. Every Samsung Mobile device, before the Galaxy S III, was based on Samsung Design 1.0 and after the Galaxy S III every device was based on Samsung Design 2.0, which was mostly inspired by Nature. Even Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S4, comes under Samsung Design 2.0. Unfortunately since the original Galaxy S, launched in 2010, Samsung has been using plastic as it’s main build component for the Galaxy S line, whereas all other smartphone manufacturers are shipping devices that are made out of glass or aluminium. Perhaps after today's meeting some things are gonna change after this official announcement:

“During the conference, new ideas on current design trend in the electronics market and strategies were exchanged,” Yoon said. “Everyone at the meeting agreed that consumers should be able to identify Samsung products easily. Design 3.0,” Samsung Electronics’ new design strategy, focuses not only on external beauty and technical practicality of new products, but also about creating positive values and connecting with consumers, the company said.

This is a very good news for all us Samsung fans out there, as now we can finally hope for a better build quality and design by Samsung. Unfortunately the Galaxy Note III will not feature the new design. Instead it will be built based on Samsung Galaxy S4 design and the new “Design 3.0″ concept will make a debut in 2014.

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