Here's Coca Cola's new "Sharing Can"


OMG this looks just awesome! With summer coming up, everybody will want a zip of a can of cold Coca Cola! And what if someone asks you to share it? What happens then? Well have a look at what some creative ad people have done, while attempting to solve that problem with the Coke Social Can, a package that splits in two cans for easy sharing!

The specially designed twin can twists off the top, allowing you to share it, perhaps making a new friend at the same time. And just think, you can do all that without exchanging bodily fluids.

Ogilvy & Mather France, the agency that created the ad, and representative Kim Ball announced that there are actually two separate cans involved. She wrote in a tweet:

"The Coke Sharing Can does twist into 2 cans from one — each with their own top to open."

Here's how it works!

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