iOS Facebook app is a huge battery hog?

The German iOS developer Sebastian Düvel, announced recently something really important in his blog. The current Facebook iOS app is a huge battery hog, using almost 3 times energy than other iOS applications in the same time.


As you can see from the image above, the first four processes are standard iOS originated, while the fifth is -surprise- the Facebook app. From the look of it, it seems that the Facebook app uses 3 times more CPU time than all the four processes, even though if the user hasn't used the app that much.


Even though Düvel doesn't use the app so often, after one more experiment he noticed that the app runs every few or so minutes for exact 10 seconds and then returns in sleep state! Normally the app should return to sleep state after it has been used and ten minutes later it should terminate its functions. This results in extreme CPU usage which means that the app turns into a battery hog!

What can you do to solve this problem?

  1. Delete the app and use the Safari browser to navigate through Facebook (duh!)
  2. Every time you terminate the app, double tap the home button and on the multitasking menu press repeatedly the icons until they start to jiggle. Then delete the Facebook icon, to terminate completely the app, until you use it again.

That is until Facebook solves this problem in a future update.

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