Buzz Aldrin's problem with "After Earth"

Well After Earth is already in US cinemas this weekend soon the same is gonna happen in cinemas across Europe. However there's someone who watched the movie and found some inconsistencies with... reality in certain scenes.

We're talking about former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin of course, one of the few people that have walked on the Moon and whose opinion on the matter plays an important role.


What Buzz Aldrin pointed out to reporters after having watched the movie, is that in the scene where father and son are in the space ship when it gets hit by a meteorite that results in them being stranded on a futuristic Earth, there's a lot of noise. In fact there's just noise (!), when there shouldn't be any, since we're in space where sound does not exist, since there's no air! This means that all the scenes after the collision with the meteorite should have been played in mute.

That's something M. Night Shyamalan should take into consideration in his next sci-fi film.

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