Thunderbolt 2: 4K playback and video transfer simultaneously

Intel announced today its Thunderbolt 2 technology, with up to 20GBps transfer speeds (instead of just 10Gbps of the 1st gen). The new port that's already "must" for all Macbooks promises to offer simultaneous transfers of data and 4K playback at the same time, something that all of you video addicts will just love. Thanks to a new two way channel this technology unifies two different 10Gbps transfer lines into one 20Gbps channel, that enables data to flow both directions. So we can playback 4k video while transferring the file to a storage device.


Thunderbolt 2 technology also supports DisplayPort 1.2 technology, allowing users to stream data to a set of QHD monitors or a simple 4k screen. The new version is backwards compatible with the previous of course, and all the Thunderbolt cables.


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