Microsoft offers Office 2013 free to all who buy "small" Windows 8 tablets!

It looks like that Microsoft thinks that we all need an incentive in order to buy small under 10 inch tablets. And this incentive is called... free Office 2013 for all these tablets! 


That was the announcement of the company during this year's Computex that takes place in Taipei. But pay attention there's a small difference. The Office 2013 you will get for free if you buy one of these under 10 inch tablets will offer Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote support, but NOT Outlook, since the email client of the company comes as a gift only to the Windows RT 8.1 tablets!

Of course until now, only Acer has announced a small (under 10 inches) tablet, code named Iconia W3. What do you think might happen when Microsoft unveils a small 7 inch Surface with Office 2013 for free? And we mean the WHOLE Office 2013 for free...

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