Watch the new graphics demo for the PS3 by the creator of Heavy Rain

Anyone who owns a PS3 cannot know about the Heavy Rain game, featuring top-notch graphics and countless ways by which you can progress through every scene.

Now, Quantic Dream, the company that made Heavy Rain, presented a new tech demo for the PS3. It’s a demo that displays real-time graphics and not pre-rendered animation, mostly “playing” with bodily and facial expressions, which was the reason why people bowed to Heavy Rain’s graphics.

In fact, there is also a really good script behind the demo, with Kara at the center of it, a female android that discovers it has emotions. Hold your horses, we know it’s a familiar story, but in this case it’s laid out in an exceptional and moving way, aiming to show off emotive acting on 3D models of digital characters.

Quantic Dream claims that Kara is not a part of some future game, but we certainly won’t complain if they change their minds in the end.

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