The... forgotten Windows Phone Lumia 920 in the bus

Let's say you browse through ebay and you find a good looking Lumia 920 at a reasonable price that has the initials MSTF on its backside and you decide to buy it! After all it has a notification center!



That's how begins the story of Jeremiah Wong, who bought a Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia 920 from an ebay seller in Seattle USA. Jeremiah then notices that the device he bought, had a short of different UI and OS than other Windows Phone 8 smartphones, so he uploads some screenshots of the device to Reddit, along with his phone number (go figure!). It didn't take long for the legal department of Microsoft to call him, asking him to return the phone to Redmond - on their own expenses- and as a compensation, they sent him a brand new Lumia 920 device! It looks that the device he bought belonged to a Microsoft employee who forgot it in a bus, and then it was sold on ebay!

Remember the joke with the iPhone entering a bar? Well we have another one now, with a Lumia 920 on a bus!

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